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Fire Officer

The fire company officer holds a position that is unique in the fire and emergency services and supervisory positions in general. As a member of a unit, the officer must perform the same tasks that other members perform such as donning personal protective equipment, advancing hoselines, searching for victims, or administering medical care.

At the same time, the officer is a member of management performing the functions of a first-level supervisor, evaluating personnel, providing training, and developing budget requests to name a few duties. The company officer is also a representative of the unit to the administration, the administration to the unit, and the organization to the public.

In each of these roles, an officer must make decisions, act ethically, and apply supervisory and management skills to provide a professional service to the public and members of the unit.

Leader, supervisor, manager, and unit member are all roles that a company officer must learn to play effectively and simultaneously. (Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 4th Edition)

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