Continuing Education

The Texas Commission on Fire Protection (TCFP) requires all commission certified firefighters to complete continuing education annually in order to renew their certification.
TCFP Chapter 441 Continuing Education §441.5 Requirements outlines requirements for continuing education and where it can be received.
A total of 20 hours of continuing education is required to renew all TCFP certifications except Hazmat Technician. Records of the training must be kept for three years.
If a certificate holder is affiliated with a career or volunteer fire department the agency may provide the required continuing education and report it to TCFP.
Individuals not affiliated with a department or who are responsible for certification renewal have have several sources of training available. These include:
  • the A-List and B-List courses
  • a commission instructor
  • a commission certified training facility
  • an accredited institution of higher education
  • or a military or nationally recognized provider of training
There is no hour per subject limit when using B-List courses for continuing education except a limit of 4 hours for medical courses annually.
The documentation required by TCFP from a non-affiliated certificate holder includes but is not limited to:
  • a Certificate of Completion
  • a college or training facility transcript
  • a fire department training roster
If a certificate holder completed an approved academy in the 12 months prior to the certificate expiration date the holder only needs to submit the certificate of completion to satisfy the required continuing education for renewal.