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Visit the Hydrogen Tools Portal at H2TOOLS.ORG!

Hydrogen fuel cells are coming to your area; in cars, telecommunications towers, as backup power sources, are you ready to respond? The H2Tools.org portal can get you started.

As a First Responder, the proliferation of fuel cells increases the likelihood that you will come in contact with the technology in an emergency and you need to be aware of how to safely handle fuel cells. H2Tools.org provides you a portal through which you can access training materials, helpful information, and communicate with other first responders regarding the safe handling of fuel cells.

The H2Tools Portal brings together and enhances the utility of a variety of tools and web-based content on the safety aspects of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.  It is intended to help inform those tasked with designing, approving, using systems and facilities, and those responding to incidents.


  •  TRAINING RESOURCES & VIDEOS – Provides a single repository of credible and reliable information related to hydrogen and fuel cells. It enables organizations to develop their own training programs with consistent hydrogen and fuel cells content and standards.
  •  HYDROGEN PROPERTY CHARTS – Provides basic understanding of hydrogen and fuel cells, such as boiling point, flame temperature in air, etc., to those that may be unfamiliar with the technology, allowing them to better understand safety conditions.
  •  BEST PRACTICES – Tips relative to specific professions that may come in contact with hydrogen and fuel cells; mitigates mistakes that could be made by professionals new to hydrogen and fuel cells.
  •  FORUM – Online community where professionals can share experiences, ask questions, and share information with those within their profession; enlarges the overall understanding of hydrogen and fuel cells.
  •  WORKSPACES – a first-of-its-kind tool that enables users (code officials, first responders, risk managers, operations and maintenance personnel, project proponents and researchers) to explore hydrogen safety resources side-by-side on a single web page.


The need for clean, domestically produced energy has never been greater. Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies are an important resource for the nation’s energy portfolio—offering cleaner, more-efficient alternatives to gasoline and other fossil fuels—that could revolutionize the way we power our nation. Fuel cells have the potential to replace the internal-combustion engine in vehicles and be used in stationary and portable power applications because they are energy-efficient, clean, and fuel-flexible.

The global fuel cell industry is over $1.3 billion dollars. H2Tools.org is a first-of-its-kind portal, offering professionals third-party validated tools and information on the safety aspects of fuel cells. Armed with the necessary information, these professionals can see to the safe installation and operation of fuel cells, furthering the technology’s growth.

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